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Tanning is an integral part of man's evolution: in fact, since prehistoric times the need to protect oneself from the elements led to the development of rudimentary procedures for preserving hides, later perfected over the centuries.

What has remained unchanged in substance is the very strong bond that binds us to leather and leather; it is precisely to honor this bond in the best possible way that White Line strives for excellence in fine-tuning all the steps that transform a carefully selected raw material into a product of the highest quality.

All operations are carried out completely within our facility, guaranteed by the great professionalism of our staff and the constant technological innovation of machinery.


White Line was born in 2001 from the initiative of the Panterani brothers: sensing the potential of exotic leathers such as crocodile, alligator and ostrich, they began to commit resources to leather processing by acquiring a tannery in Santa Croce sull'Arno (PI) and in 2018 the current plant in San Miniato (PI).

This choice proved to be successful, leading White Line in a short time to carve out a role of absolute prominence and to focus its Core Business in the processing and marketing of fine leather for the high fashion industry (clothing, footwear and leather goods).

Direct control of the production chain, constant technological upgrading, a wide assortment of raw hides always available and constant attention to new trends are the best prerequisites for high-quality and flexible service.